We’re a Hollywood Agency

No, we are not in beautiful, sunny California.  But we are a small shop that works with big brands.  Coming from the enterprise, we witnessed first-hand the often painful relationship working with the big shops, the constant churn of talented agency team members, the often insane rates, the lack of a personal touch, but we’ve retained what makes some of the big agencies incredible, like process, organization, drive, and experience.  We ride the line between an employee and a traditional agency in an uncanny way!  You know us, we know you, we are by your side supporting you and your team in a way that only a Hollywood shop can.

We’re a small team, who are just like you.

Like you, we love our business; ours is digital. We’ve been in the digital world longer than the iPhone has been around and worked with businesses of all sizes. We’ve worked with and implemented a wide range of solutions, to solve complex business problems.

One of our core philosophies is to get the right tool for the job, for one client that may be WordPress, for another, it may be Demandware… I mean Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

We are based in Lexington, Kentucky, but that doesn’t limit who we can work with.  We work with clients across the US and work with teams all over the globe.


We understand your struggles

SEM, CMS, ERP, CRM, OMS, SaaS, SLA’s, SEO: we understand all of the challenges you have and create plans and solutions that empower business users to do their jobs with a complimentary digital marketing/strategic plan that ensures your efforts are contributing to the broader business objectives.  No two companies have the same exact struggles, but our experience gives us invaluable insight into the problems facing you to achieve remarkable results in comparatively short periods of time.

Who we aren’t

  • We are not a dev shop, we are marketers who rely on digital tools to support your businesses goals.

  • We are not a one-size fits all solution, it’s our experience that another widget or product isn’t what you need, you need dynamic humans with specific digital and business experience – that probably best defines who we are, a group of human brains who focus on growing your business using digital solutions.

  • We are not an AOR (agency of record), it’s our experience that this model doesn’t work well in a modern, dynamic business environments. No one can be good at everything any longer, let alone great at everything. In the end, you settle for a relationship with various levels of capabilities across the gambit of “digital” which produces mediocre results at best with the goal of “doing better next time” but we all know that never happens.


We’re fun to work with, by design

  • Being miserable and successful is a really poor plan when it’s no more work to be happy and successful.  (we should trademark this)

  • You know those dry, monotone, “just the facts” style meetings you have all day long? That’s not us. Though we don’t let having fun get in the way of getting the job done, we make sure that getting the job done IS fun. We’re in one of the most exciting, fast-moving spaces on the planet if that’s not something to rally behind and maybe get a little excited about then we all should rethink what we’re doing – please see the bullet immediately above.

We’d really like to learn more about you, take the next step, click the button below right meow!

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