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Digital MDF – Leverage Your Marketing Development Funds Effectively

Digital MDF Can Be A Complete Minefield. Every Year Around 60% Of The $50 Billion In Digital Marketing Development Funds Is Left Unused! Why Waste All That?

Digital MDF offers a huge opportunity, for businesses and retailers. With major brands effectively giving away money, to promote their products, it is almost insane to turn the funds down. Yet year on year. Businesses miss opportunities, to leverage these marketing development funds (MDF).

All because, they are unaware of how to use MDF effectively.

Help is at hand.

With the right assistance, your business can grow. In an amazing way.

You just need marketing help. To ensure you both qualify for, and use MDF properly.

With the right help, you can leverage help from major brands, to grow your business. All by selling products you were going to sell anyway. You are just getting a massive helping hand, to lift you up.

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Table of Contents

Digital Marketing Development Funds What Are They?

Digital MDF (Marketing Development Funds) are a type of marketing assistance. Provided by various national brands and manufacturers. These MDF funds are made available to aid various channel partners, resellers, affiliates, distributors, VARs and others, to generate wider awareness of products.

The effective goal being to aid sales. Through the promotion of awareness, on a local level.

They are also known as Co-Op funds by some. Within the U.S. there are around 4,500 such programs. With Brands and manufacturers working with retailers, and assorted businesses to generate mutual growth, via marketing means.

Across the spectrum of MDF programs there are around 50 different product classifications.

With approximately $50 Billion being made available in MDF for these, each year.

The sad fact being that, around 60% of funds are unused each year. Due to lack of understanding.

Something which leads to lost business. And lost revenue.

What Holds Your Business Back From Leveraging Its Growth With MDF?

Knowledge and understanding are generally the issue.

As with all business processes.

Unless adequate understanding is held, things are either over looked.

Or worse still. Ignored.

Ignoring help that will grow your business, is potentially fatal.

MDF mechanisms are created by brands and manufacturers, because they wish to be more successful. They wish to grow themselves.

Who they partner with to grow, is largely irrelevant to them. After all, as dictated by simple mathematics, the destination is independent of the route taken.

You want to be the route they work with.

If your competitors are making better use of MDF than you. Then they are growing faster, than you.

If your competitors grow faster than you. Then your business is in danger.

It is that simple.

So you have to get help.

Help to make the best use of the MDF facilities available. So that your growth, can outstrip everyone else’s.

Digital MDF Using Brand Development Funding To Grow Your Business

So, there is over $50 Billion in funding on the table.

Marketing funds there waiting.

You just have to reach out and use them.

With Someone Else Offering To Pay For Your Marketing Campaigns Why Would You Hold Back?

Realistically, and to reiterate an earlier point, this is all about insufficient knowledge.

If you fully understood how to use the available MDF, then you would be doing so. And running rings around your competitors, who do not.

Manufacturers and brands in short, wish to concentrate on what they do best. They wish to create their products. And develop new ones that people will love to use, too.

Manufacturers have zero desire to sell to customers.

That is why they use wholesale businesses and distributors. Interfacing with customers is for them an inefficiency. A shampoo manufacturer would go out of business fast if they had to open shops to sell their products. No one is interested in going to a shop that just sells shampoo.

Likewise, they lack the staff, and know how, to run retail operations effectively.

So, it is more efficient for them to have channel partners.

That is, partner with people who can perform the vital retail function. That they need.

They are aware that as manufacturers they have competition too. So providing marketing assistance, funding, by way of MDF and the options such funds create. They can achieve far greater effects.

You just have to know how to use MDF effectively.

Even if your business has a really strong marketing team, you still need specialized help.

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Leveraging Digital Marketing Experts Who Can Help You Get The Best Of The Available MDF

Every business has its own specialization.

Yours too.

Unless you are incredibly strong with marketing, you will need help with it.

Especially digital marketing. Something which is a fast evolving field. Changing every day. And constantly growing too. Yet knowledge of marketing and digital marketing alone is far from enough.

Knowledge of how to work with MDF is critical too.

The whole field of MDF is a complex one. Within it knowledge is required, so that the best use of MDF funds and MDF programs can be put to best use.

You have to know what qualifies for funding, and how to access the relevant funds. Otherwise your marketing campaigns, whether online or otherwise, will never get off the ground.

The Availability Of MDF Is A Business Changing Opportunity

With a brand, and potentially billions of dollars available, ready to help you grow. MDF is an open opportunity to massively change, and grow, your business.

MDF Using Market Development Funds For Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

This is where a skilled digital marketing agency can help you achieve growth, beyond your expectations.

There are various foundation elements. Some of which you may have heard of.

There are also likely other, more emerging fields, that you were unaware of.

In short, there is a diversity of marketing methods, open to your use in conjunction with MDF. Within that great range of diversity, is a wide set of digital marketing channels and methods too.

For non-marketing focused businesses, this is like seeing the roots of a tree spread out.

Every possibility. Splits down into further possibilities.

Connecting them together, into something that can be used, to easily promote your business, requires talent.

Even more so when you are looking to leverage MDF opportunities. The funding is coming from an external source. As such, funding compliance is required. Applications are required. And procedure must in places, be followed too.

With the right helping hand, navigating you through the intricacies of MDF.

An amazing world of growth, via digital marketing opens up.

Common Digital Marketing Campaign Elements That Generate Business Growth


  • SEO
  • SEM And PPC
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing And CRM
  • User Intent (UI) Optimization
  • User Experience (UE/UX) Optimization
  • Amazon Channel Strategy And Development
  • Consumer Journey Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Rebranding


These are just some of the things, that can help. And each of them opens up, into an incredibly in-depth field of its own.

There are as you will discover, experts who focus solely on single fields, within this grouping. Much like with your own business. And with other facets of your operations. That you have used consultants for.

The challenge which stops many businesses from using funding available via MDF, is less on the marketing specializations. It is more to do with obtaining funding from brands and manufacturers, that offer MDF.

By partnering with the right marketing specialists, that understand how MDF works. That problem becomes null.

It becomes possible for your business, to activate every marketing channel possible.

Just by, working with the right people.

How Our SEO Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

SEO is critical to online success now.

There is no way around this. It is bar none the most effective means of leveraging your position online.

With Google playing an ever bigger part of your customers lives. You have to be visible. Something which can get incredibly expensive.

Hence the advantage of using MDF to fund your SEO campaigns.

Advantages To Your Business For Running SEO Campaigns Using MDF

A first page position in Google for a target keyword means a great many things.

  • Discoverability
  • Credibility
  • Preference
How MDF And SEO Buy Your Business Discoverability

Your customers are searching for things. Every day.

When they think about buying things, they are searching for them online too.

Regardless of what you are selling, someone, somewhere, is searching. And unless you are showing up effectively, then they are going to be buying from your competitors.

Discoverability is key to success.

Whether you have an online business, an offline business, or a hybrid of the two.

Unless you are showing up when buyers are looking. Those buyers will likely never come to you.

So ensuring you have prime placement in search results, is critical to the health of your business.

This is a field which has become increasingly challenging too. Since the inception of Google in the 1990’s there have been a vast amount of developments to how results are served. Google makes in excess of 500 changes to its search algorithm, every year.

Something which often leads to changes in first page rankings.

This is where quality SEO strategies and implementation, are worth their weight in gold.

By solidifying your position on page one, which can take a lot of time and effort. Even for seasoned SEO experts. Hence the value of using MDF here. You can ensure that your business, is right in front of potential buyers at the times when it needs to be.

You can ensure the face of your business is seen, and associated with what buyers want.

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How MDF And SEO Buy Your Business Credibility

There is a deeper dimension to having first page rankings.

By being on the first page when buyers are searching, you gain credibility.

That credibility, buys you trust in turn.

The success of your business, and any business for that matter, comes from credibility.

This is especially true, when you have a sea of competitors. All of whom are clamoring for exactly the same buyers, as your business is. This is basic supply and demand. The fewer companies there are supplying, the easier things are for you. The more competitors you have, the wider the choice for buyers, and hence the issue of credibility becomes far stronger.

So by using MDF in conjunction with SEO, you can leverage greater credibility.

When your website, your business, outranks your competitors websites. You have the edge on credibility.

There is an innate level of trust, which comes with rankings in Google. And with good reason too.

High rankings are hard to get.

Especially for competitive terms.

Buyers know this. So when they see your website ranking above others. They naturally, often unconsciously, give greater trust to you. Something which has incredible value when it comes to the success of your business.

The more trust and credibility your business has.

The healthier your bottom line is.

So using digital MDF to leverage your way on to page one, does your business a massive favor.

How MDF And SEO Buy Your Business Preference

Discoverability and credibility combine to yield preference.

The more visible your business, and the more credibility it has.

The more likely buyers are, to purchase from you.

People generally like things to be, easy. Make things hard and they lose interest. They look to do something different. Or use something else.

It is the same reason why more than half of the MDF pot of funds, is leftover every year. People tend to go with, whichever option is easiest. Even if that option is to do nothing, or go elsewhere.

People generally wish to do as little as possible.

So by ensuring you are there in front of your buying audience, with a measure of credibility.

You become the clear choice, as you are the easy option. You have what they want, and they have little desire to shop around. Because you are positioned in the best way.

You become the preference.

SEO is a powerful thing.

SEO regularly transforms businesses. Making them excel where once they dwindled.

Yet more and more businesses, are understanding the need for this type of digital marketing. As such things become more and more competitive. Every day.

By 2020 the spend on SEO in the U.S. is set to hit $80 Billion.

Not everyone has the budget to compete by themselves. Yet unless you do something, you run the risk of being hidden beneath a sea of your competitors.


  • MDF invested in SEO helps your discoverability
  • MDF invested in SEO helps your credibility
  • MDF invested in SEO helps you gain preference


So leveraging MDF to get your business ahead, is a wise move.

Harness the power of Google. Use MDF to get your website honed. So it is right on the cutting edge. Where your potential buyers are.

How Our SEM And PPC Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

SEO can take time. It produces amazing results, but over time.

When setting up a marketing campaign, most people want instant results.

This is another reason that such a high proportion of MDF is left untouched each year. Businesses focus too hard on the short-term, and quick results. Applied properly. With a long term focus. Some seriously amazing results are achievable. Especially through search engine optimization.

There are times when getting quick wins becomes essential.

In fact they can be critical.

It can also be good to augment results, while longer term fruit is maturing.

At these times the use of wider SEM campaigns, and PPC, is highly advisable. They have a positive effect on your revenue. Which is the whole reason you do marketing, and conduct business in the first place.

Search Engine Marketing Or Pay Per Click

Search Engine Marketing encompasses a range of activities, including SEO and PPC. With PPC meaning, pay per click. In the context of short term gains, which is often the focus for businesses using MDF for their digital activities, PPC is the usual go to. Provided it is permitted under the terms of the MDF appropriation, of course.

Whilst SEM is confined to search engines, with the tendency being towards paid advertising. Or PPC ads, on Google due to its market share of search. Around 90% in most countries. PPC can be done on a multitude of platforms.

Increasingly notable, and evolving on a constant basis, is the Facebook advertising platform. Which also incorporates paid advertising on Instagram too, amongst others. The number of platforms which have pay per click advertising opportunities is incredibly wide.

Though for most businesses, Google and Facebook form the prime point of gain.

The best effect coming from working with the best platform, for your target audience.

Why Our Expertise Is Critical For Getting The Best Results With MDF Spend Here

There is a lot more to paid advertising than most think.

Refining your audience, to hone in on the key demographic, is seriously fine tuning.

Though, even when you have that dialed in. Your advertising copy has to be exceptionally good. If you are to achieve quality results.

People, buyers in all markets, have become numb to a large amount of advertising.

When paid ads first appeared on Facebook, they were incredibly effective.

The same can be said with Google.

People were not used to them. And thus CTR, or click through rates, were high.

People have seen, and become used to paid ads now. PPC is still effective. And there is a good deal of work that is needed from skilled copywriters, in order to make ad copy successful now.

This is one of the areas where we are able to help you. Maximize the effect of the MDF you wish to apportion for PPC activities.

We help businesses to

  • Optimize Audience Targeting
  • Ensure Effective Placement
  • Refine Advertising Copy
  • Optimize PPC Spend

Along with a host of other things, to ensure that the funds you plough into PPC and SEM from your MDF budget, yield good fruit.

How Our Social Media Marketing Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

The use of social media, is naturally a strong way to connect with your target market.

Whilst Facebook is the choice for the majority. Having around 1.15 billion daily users. There are other options too. Instagram and Pinterest both have, very niche followers. And Twitter, whilst in some ways dated, is still strong too.

Social Media Things To Consider For Your MDF Spend


  • 79% Of Internet Users Log On To Facebook
  • 59% Of People In The 18 – 29 Age Range Use Instagram
  • Approximately One Quarter Of People Online Use Twitter
  • 35% Of LinkedIn Users Are Employed With The Majority In Non-Rural Areas
  • 45% Of Women Use Pinterest


This is just a sample of the data, that can be used to correlate an effective social media marketing campaign, for your business.

Reach out to the right people. In the right way. With Ease.

Social media platforms bring a variety of options marketing wise, too.

Whilst naturally, there are integrations with marketing in the way of PPC ads. There are also methods of in-direct marketing, too.

Social media is a great way to interface with your target demographic. To build rapport with them. To gain trust. And in the way many companies have. Build a strong following.

All this, has to be handled with care.

Whilst access to extended options, via MDF as a source of opportunity is great. It still requires careful management. In order to achieve optimal results.

Do the wrong thing. Post something that hits a nerve. And your target group is lost.


  • MDF injected into Social Media Marketing boosts your brand recognition
  • MDF injected into Social Media Marketing boosts your brand engagement
  • MDF injected into Social Media Marketing boosts your brand rapport


As with SEO and PPC. Using your MDF appropriations to leverage social media marketing expertise, is how you will gain the most ground.

How Our Email Marketing And CRM Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

Note this.

Email marketing is still very much alive!

In fact, email is still the preferred mechanism for the majority of buyers, when it comes to marketing activities.

It does however, have to be done right. Constantly plaguing people to come and buy something, will have your messages in the spam box. It could also land your email address on a spam index. Thus stopping all your email marketing efforts, dead.

Whilst email is a great way to reach out, and influence buyers. There is a very particular nuance to it.

The key is interaction, and managing that interaction with care.

Email marketing like social media, is a great way to build rapport.

With that rapport then translating into loyalty. And regular custom. It takes a little time, to finesse.

The results are incredible when done right though. Thus making it, a highly effective way to invest portions of your digital MDF.


  • MDF invested in email marketing helps you build stronger buyer relationships
  • MDF invested in email marketing helps you increase conversions
  • MDF invested in email marketing helps you build an evergreen asset


One of the key points here, is collection of email addresses. Getting opt-ins, and then managing those opt-ins. In such a way as to ensure, they believe trusting you with their email, was a good thing to do.

Finessing your MDF sourced budget with email, is something we do very well.

How Our User Intent Optimization Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

User Intent (UI) optimization is all about ensuring your website, and what it offers, is tailored to be shown to exactly the right people.

Whilst SEO is largely about ensuring you show up effectively. And gain traffic from targeted search terms. UI optimization, is about ensuring that what is on your pages, is exactly what those searching are searching for.

It is all about fulfillment.

Ensuring things are matched, in the best way possible.

So that when buyers arrive on your site. They feel like they have found, exactly what they were looking for.

User intent optimization takes buyers, beyond the desire to keep searching.

It has them, developing the desire to do business, with you.

When done right, it has an incredibly positive effect on search placements.

The key point being that, Google notes people are staying on site, rather than clicking out and looking at something else. Give people what they want, and Google rewards you due to its perception of the value you give.


  • MDF spent on UI optimization helps you gain more positive initial visitor reactions
  • MDF spent on UI optimization helps you gain stronger placements in search results
  • MDF spent on UI optimization helps you reach the right buyers


Pairing UI optimization with SEO when focusing your MDF budget, will see you en-route to solid success.

How Our User Experience Optimization Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

User Experience (UE/UX) optimization, is something which tends to go hand in hand with UI.

They are two sides of the same coin effectively.

Whilst the fulfillment of UI stops buyers from wanting to check other places. It is the UE/UX, that has them getting ready to complete the transaction.

User Experience, is about managing the buyer so that they feel everything is in place. And as it should be. It is about generating the most positive feel, towards your business and products, as is possible.

As such, creating compelling reason to buy.

When you put MDF budget resources into optimizing UE/UX, you are onto a winner.

Combining UI and UE/UX optimization, with SEO when setting out the marketing campaign, and how your MDF are going to be used. And you are hitting somewhat of a magic tri-factor.


  • MDF invested on UE/UX optimization improves on site buyer positivity
  • MDF invested on UE/UX optimization enhances conversions
  • MDF invested on UE/UX optimization increases brand rapport


This is where, your marketing ROI starts going through the roof.

And having used MDF to make it happen, your results become even sweeter.

Something the up-line brand or manufacturer, will also be happy about.

How Our Amazon Channel Strategy And Development Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

Amazon Channel Strategy and Development is something many overlook.

Amazon is in and out of the number one spot of most trusted brands, in the world.

It is, the go to retailer for the masses. Hence its massive growth since it first started, in a garage way back.

Dealing with Amazon does however have challenges. Working through their policies and procedures, causes many to decide on easier courses of action.

Not to mention the need for optimizing listings. So that they actually show up, and the sales you wish to enjoy actually take place.

Selling on Amazon has become intensely competitive.

With good reason too.

Everyone visiting Amazon is already in a buying mood.

They are just their to select the vendor, who will fulfill their needs best.


  • MDF invested in Amazon development helps you open wider sales channels
  • MDF invested in Amazon development brings wider brand visibility
  • MDF invested in Amazon development means you buyers can purchase 24 hours a day


When you crack Amazon, the results are extremely worthwhile. There is much that has to be done though. And a lot to take into account, on the journey to achieving success there. There is serious expertise required for success here.

As such if you are considering venturing into Amazon, using MDF budget to do so is wise. By bringing into effect MDF here, you can leverage up to gain greater expertise and assistance. And you will seriously need it.

How Our Consumer Journey Optimization Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

Consumer Journey optimization is something which blends with user experience.

Though while user experience is based on the look, and feel of the site and page. Consumer journey is a much broader field.

Within the consumer journey, points of how the branding relates to the consumer are vital. This brushes then on the entire service experience they have. How every interaction they have, with your website, and your brand, impacts on what they think and feel.

The consumer journey requires a deep systemized process to optimize. Which is why funding this process with MDF is so wise.

The advantage that comes from this, is much broader than most businesses realize.

Everyone, buyers especially, wish to enjoy a good experience through what they do. When a buyer is getting ready to make a purchase they wish to feel good. To feel confident. To be assured that they are doing the best thing possible.

This is what the consumer journey is about.

Ensuring that everything is in place to have your consumers feel as confident as possible, that they are making the right choice. And, that they can do so with a feeling of joy, as they do so.

When businesses optimize this, they come in to the territory that companies like Apple enjoy.

You gain solid ground, for building much more than a following.

You can build a tribe.

  • MDF ploughed into consumer journey optimization helps you build intense buyer rapport
  • MDF ploughed into consumer journey optimization helps you build incredible brand strength
  • MDF ploughed into consumer journey optimization increases your referrals

Putting a portion of your MDF into this brings the opportunity to create massive growth. As well as loyalty which brings a lot of repeat business and referrals.

Using MDF to grow your business.jpg

How Our Conversion Rate Optimization Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of tuning your on-page content, so that you gain higher conversions from your visitors.

In short, it is about optimizing your pages and content so that more people buy from you.

Whilst this does dovetail neatly with the UI and UE/UX elements, as well as consumer journey. There is more going on here.

There is a depth of psychology to this.

To carry someone through the realms of being uncertain, or just browsing. Into the frame of being ready to make a decision about a purchase, requires a different type of input.

Behavioral psychology. Linguistics. Plus other elements, all have to be mixed in together.

That said, it does produce a good ROI for your MDF spend.

When leveraging MDF on something that will help you produce better results. More sales. With little other input. This has to be hands down, one of the best things MDF can be invested in.

Conversion rate optimization has a solid impact on your bottom line.

How Our Rebranding Expertise Can Leverage Your Growth With MDF

Rebranding is a big step.

Changing logos, slogans, all your branded materials, the look and feel of your store, and so much more. Is a big development to undertake.

It could also potentially be, just the thing your business needs.

It can also be very hit and miss.

Unless, you have serious expertise to help guide you.

Colors and shapes mean all sorts of things. How those things interact with your customers, with buyers and with those researching your business, all have impact.

Through updating your brand, you have the opportunity for generating a more positive disposition towards what you do. You can gain greater favor. From portraying yourself in a brighter, more positive, way.

It is also something that to do well requires a high level of investment.

Hence being a good place to put funding gained from MDF.

Again it is the ROI on the MDF you are using, that is key. The perception of your brand, needs to be taken into account, prior to work starting. Investigation can quickly reveal, the value possible here.

Through simple consumer research, as well as talking with your executive team about the brand goals. We can help you, create a look and feel to your brand that has you on purpose, and on target.


  • MDF invested in rebranding helps optimize your entire business
  • MDF invested in rebranding enables you to portray your business in the best way possible
  • MDF invested in rebranding helps you connect with buyers in a way you never have


Rebranding could be one of the best things you do for your business.

And to have a major brand help you to do it, through MDF, could be one of the best ways possible of getting it done.

Digital MDF And Co-Op Funds Combining Action Points To Get The Best MDF ROI

Getting the best ROI on your digital MDF, co-op funds or straight MDF is your chief concern.

As it most certainly should be.

You know that every year around 60% of MDF and co-op funds are left unused.

All due to lack of understanding on how to get access to those funds, and apply them.

This Is Why Right Meow Digital Is Here To Help You Get The Best Marketing ROI

It is our knowledge, understanding and ability that you can leverage into amazing results for your business.

Through the marketing and MDF services of Right Meow Digital, you can both access more market development funding, and achieve more from the digital MDF you get.

Through working together, we can help you to sky rocket your marketing ROI.

And massively grow your bottom line, in a beautiful way.

Perhaps you felt unable to draw on the MDF and co-op funds you wanted, or that getting them and applying them effectively was impossible.

Or, that you don’t deserve to have the amount of MDF, that would really push your sales ahead. Maybe, you don’t dare to apply for everything out of concern for rejection, or thoughts about how to use such funds properly if you did get them.

Do you feel that, you ought not to draw on greater amounts of MDF and co-op funds. Or, that it’s not time to really get the most you can.

Shouldn’t you stop holding back?

To really grow and flourish you need to market your business effectively. To get your products in front of buyers.

It’s time to properly utilize the MDF available.

To get the co-op funds that can be leveraged into growth. Allow your business to get an even bigger helping hand. The one you need to carry you to the revenue stream you wish to float in.

When you dare to get the right help available to you here, and let your business open up deeper sources of MDF and co-op funds.

The revenue you wish to gain can come with greater ease.

You are able to start this now.

As soon as you choose to take the action, utilize help from Right Meow Digital and open up the amazing possibilities in front of you with MDF and co-op funding can begin.

Permit your business to excel with help from Right Meow Digital.

Permit us to help you achieve even more from the MDF and co-op funds available. So you can enjoy the business growth and more. That will lift you beyond your competitors. Now.

Right Meow Digital is ready to help you create the digital marketing strategy. That brings you serious growth. Leveraging combined strategies using digital marketing activities, and brand development points outlined above.

There Is Only One Thing You Need To Do Right Now In Order To Get Greater Success With MDF

Get in contact.

Let Right Meow Digital help you to achieve far more with funding through digital MDF and Co-Op funds than you have ever achieved before. Leverage our marketing and MDF experience. So that the ROI from your digital marketing and branding work goes through the roof. Contact us now. And enjoy the development results that come to you.