Nonprofit Megaphone offers a fantastic Google Grant Management plan, though with rising prices their services have become out of reach for many nonprofits.  This happens as agencies grow, their cost to operate increases, factor in inflation (everything is costing more these days) and it’s no surprise that their monthly management fee is out of reach to many nonprofits.  The challenge, you’ve come to expect a level of professionalism, and expertise, you don’t want to sacrifice this, and you don’t have to!

Right Meow Digital (RMD) offers an alternative, where you will sacrifice none of the service or results of your Google Grant, because, by design, we are a small agency, and we have lower operational costs, which saves you money.  RMD was founded by Tim Coleman in 2015, prior to starting RMD Tim ran the digital marketing programs at Tempur Sealy, the parent company of Tempurpedic and Sealy mattresses.  He has been working on Google Ads since 2007 (it was called Adwords back then).  Today, he manages all of RMD’s grants personally, applying his professional experience and digital marketing expertise to passionate nonprofit organizations.  Our goal is not to be huge, our goal is to be great, and offer our expertise at a fair price.  Our current Google Grant Management service is $429/month, with no long-term contract required.  This program has become a passion project of Tim’s allowing him to apply his expertise to truly amazing organizations that are doing incredible work all around the globe.  As noted, we are a small agency, but that does not limit our ability to serve our clients and deliver incredible results, what it does mean is that there is only a limited number of organizations we can work with, and when we reach that number, we no longer take on new clients.  We develop long-term relationships with our clients, continually providing value, all at a fair price.

Our approach to Google Grants management is this:

We realize you’re busy with your nonprofit’s many requirements and most of the time are not digital marketing experts so we’ve pulled out the challenges we’ve found that most organizations have, and make it easy to activate on this digital channel, while always being informed, but never being buried with another recurring meeting on your schedule, or another vendor you have to chase down.

Our plan is this:

  • We can secure the grant on behalf of the organization or we can work with you to secure it.
  • We set up the account in compliance with Google’s requirements
  • We set up website tracking via Google Analytics, tracking key engagement as a Goal, such as tracking donations, or any other activity that is important
  • We build the campaigns to support your nonprofit’s goals/objectives in compliance with Google Grant requirements
  • We create a custom dashboard using the organization’s color palette and typeface so it’s an extension of your brand, here is a live demo. These are available 24/7/365 and we can schedule them to be emailed to key stakeholders at whatever frequency you prefer.
  • We do semi-annual content strategy sessions with your team to help build a content strategy around the data/trends we see, this builds your organic (SEO) footprint and allows us to continue to expand the Google Grant’s performance
  • For this, we charge $429 (USD)/month with no long-term commitment required.

In summary, if you’re looking for a more affordable option to manage your Google Grant without sacrificing what you’ve come to expect, contact us and schedule an introduction, we are a dedicated agency that specializes in Google Grant management and driving results for our clients.


Read more about our full Google Grant Management offering here.