Managing a Google Grant can be cumbersome, in particular, if you’re busy running your nonprofit charity already. It doesn’t matter if you’re an army of 1 getting your charities vision off the ground, or a $10B endowment with 25k employees, you all face the same struggles. This is a specialized program that uses a specialized tool, Google Ads, and it almost surely does not make sense to have an employee on staff that specializes in both. Having spent over 13 years working full time with Google Ads, it was called Adwords when I started, I’ve seen ENORMOUS changes in how it functions, how it has evolved and learned thousands of little tips that make it more effective on my journey. Let’s review the top 5 reasons we feel bringing this expertise to your nonprofit is the right move. Here are our top 5 reasons to work with a Google grant agency

  1. Compliance

    The Google Grant program is unique, there are many unusual rules in order to remain in compliance, an agency partner for this removes this burden from you and your team to a partner who specializes in just this. Not only do we know all of the rules in order to remain in compliance, we know how to maximize them for your mission. Additionally, Google has made large changes to the Grant program in the past, and likely will in the future too, we stay on top of this so you’re account is always in compliance. This is critical because without compliance your Grant can be turned off, and while getting them reinstated has become easier in recent months, it’s still never fun.

  2. Optimization
    Google Ads is an incredibly complicated tool that can do a lot, but not all of the features and settings are obvious or named something that would make sense. Beyond that, driving paid advertising to help grow your nonprofit in a meaningful way requires deep knowledge of how to create meaningful results from a digital audience. We’ve spent over the last decade working with organizations of all sizes and know how to create meaningful growth.

  3. Reporting
    Understanding your grant’s performance shouldn’t make your head spin, Einstein famously said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” we create very simple to read and understand dashboards that you can get a snapshot of what’s going on within seconds, or dig a layer deeper and get as in the weeds as you’d like. We also design all of our dashboards to fit on a PowerPoint slide and brand them with your logo, fonts, and color palette so doing your reporting is as simple as grabbing a screenshot.

  4. Policy Changes

    Google makes changes to the Grant program and far more frequently Google Ads policies, we stay informed of these. We see Google mistakenly flag content that is entirely within policy guidelines, we have a network of account managers and account contacts at Google and can resolve these matters quickly on your behalf.

  5. Experience

    All of this boils down to a simple word, experience. Experience with Google Ads, Experience with Google Grants, Experience with driving results with digital marketing. For a fraction of the cost of a part-time employee, you can get all of this. We don’t white label someone else’s solution or outsource this to a third party, we love managing grants and know we can help you move the needle.

Google Ad Grant Management can be enormously effective for your nonprofit, it requires a highly specialized combination of skills that you almost certainly do not have internally. Learn more about how we can help you succeed with your Google Grant today.