We work with a lot of great nonprofits on their Google Grant, it’s a program we really enjoy because it allows us to do what we do best, digital marketing, to help support what these organizations do best. We have noticed that nearly half of all Google Grant clients we work with had a Grant, but fell out of compliance and simply don’t know what to do. It was REALLY tricky not too long ago, but more recently, Google has done an outstanding job of providing clear tools and guidance on getting accounts compliant again. We help organizations navigate this because, despite Google’s efforts, it’s still tricky. Additionally, even if you’re compliant, it doesn’t mean your account is driving the best possible results for your nonprofit. Let’s go over the main reasons we see accounts fall out of compliance.

First, the rules changed significantly in 2019, which caused a lot of confusion, and challenges for nonprofits to adapt to. If someone managed the Grant in their spare time, or the person had left, you almost surely would have fallen victim to falling out of compliance. To summarize these changes Google:

  • Removed the $2 max CPC limit

But now require:

  • Use of Geo-targeting

  • Very specific account structure (minimum of two ad groups per campaign, each ad group must have a minimum of 2 ads)

  • At least 2 sitelinks extensions

  • Mission-Based campaigns

  • Maintain 5% or greater CTR

  • Exist exclusively for charitable purposes – this wasn’t part of the 2019 update, but a change that impacted some organizations.

This can all be pretty confusing, where do you start, how do you even know what you may have done wrong from this list? We are here to help! We have a 100% success rate getting Google Grants reactivated, Contact Us we’ll set up some time to figure out how to help with this.

We are a Google Partner, which means we maintain certifications and continued education directly from Google about our capabilities, as well as demonstrate consistent growth across our accounts. Pair that with expertise on Google Grants, and we’re a Google Grant Management powerhouse. We combine over a decades of experience with empathy to create thoughtful campaigns that are aligned with your organization’s goals.